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Friday, April 26, 2013

How to make money online? Solution

Write E-books
Writting E-books and selling them in Amazon is so popular.
If you think that you are good at writting go ahead.
People all around the world are making millions of dollar YEAH MILLIONS OF DOLLAR.
You can write for everything you want...

Tech, History, Politics, Romance, Secret etc
Try its free and will make you a Millionarie

Learn to Code a popular Language
If you are good at computer (Programming Language) you will make alot of money just from your home and join the SELFBOSS anytime. 
Programming Language like:
  1. ASP.NET 
  2. C 
  3. C++  
  4. PHP
  5. PEARL 
  6. VBScript 
  7. Visual Basic .NET 
  8. Microsoft Visual C++ 
  9. Python 
  10. Qore 
 If you know this Proggraming Language very well have a look at google for Freelance or Elance and you will have a thousand of money every week.

Make Something Else That Is Cool
Take a break and think what people want in this time that will make them feel good and happy and to generate to you some money.
Or make something that people want that may make their life easier
something that will help them everyday and will have a comfort life.
So have a break and think what people need in this year.

Host a Site with Ads
People all around the world are getting from a hundred to a thousnds of dollar per week by their own website.
First of all you need to choose a topic about your website. (Google AdWords will help to find a good topic that people search every second)
Host your website and start writing different article.
Google AdSense is one of the best Ads that you will add to your website.
Before applying to Google AdSense you need to write article with 250 words in at least.
You need to have 6 months posting article. But if your article and you have alot of views you will get aproved within a week.
So be good with your web :)


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